Movement, whether in the form of hatha yoga, conscious breathing, or otherwise, is a vehicle toward self-awareness.  Through movement, we gain an experiential understanding of our bodies.  Knowing our bodies, we create a foundation of self-love and respect from which we can build a better overall self-knowledge.  When we know ourselves, we can build a better relationship with the world around us.

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My intention is to nurture a playful and non-competiteve class environment.  Questions in the middle of class are encouraged.  I believe in learning from my students, and I don't think there is one right answer for everyone.  Mastering concepts is more important to me than mastering challenging asanas (although that can be fun, too): the postures are a form for experimentation and learning rather than a goal in themselves.  My approach is more practical and casual than metaphysical:  I am interested in problem-solving to support easful alignment, freedom of movement, and stress relief. 

Yoga From the Inside-Out 

My  classes emphasize somatic awareness based in Body-Mind Centering ®,   allowing students to sense their internal structures:  for instance a class might focus on bones, breath, organs, or muscles.  Our yoga practice proceeds with an awareness of how our insides inform our external postures.  Movement draws from classical hatha yoga, with some flow, and also draws upon my classical dance training.


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